Courage Training and Consulting Services was created in response to work with mothers and young people who have experienced domestic violence and trauma. My name is Dave Burck and I have had over 8 years working with children / young people who have experienced domestic violence, women who have experienced domestic violence and children / young people who are in the child protection system.

I also co – authored and co – facilitated the ReNew program. This was a 20 session group therapy program working with mothers and sons (ages 12 – 17) who have experienced domestic violence and the sons were using violence towards their mothers. During ReNew’s two year pilot, numerous organisations approached us about how to work with these families in their support services. Courage was formed to provide training, consulting and supervision to professionals working with trauma, domestic violence and adolescent – to – mother violence. My hope is that this training and supervision will help professionals support families healing from trauma and violence.

Domestic violence touches every aspect of society. Schools, businesses, police, support organisations and other community agencies all have a role in helping stand up to violence against women and children. The “our” in Courage is green to represent the courage it takes for mothers and young people to reach out for help and the courage we must show to not turn a blind eye to their pain. We must never underestimate the determination and courage of women and children who have experienced violence. We must also show the courage to answer the call to action and show these families the respect and dignity they deserve.