Workshops / Training

Courage offers a wide range of workshops and training in a number of areas for a variety of groups. Workshops and training seminars can range from 1 – 2 days to 2 hours. All workshops can be tailored to fit your staff’s needs.

1 – 2 Day Workshops on Trauma, Domestic Violence, Attachment and Adolescent – to – Mother Violence:

  • Content for the workshops include:
    • A general overview of domestic violence, trauma, attachment and adolescent – to – mother violence
    • Dynamics present in domestic violence and adolescent – to – mother violence
    • How attachments are formed and different attachment styles
    • Types of trauma and trauma’s impact on the brain and development
    • How to work from a trauma informed perspective
    • Current research on trauma and adolescent – to – mother violence
    • Impacts of domestic violence on parenting and attachment
    • Energiser and grounding activities to run with clients
    • How to structure counselling / interventions in a trauma informed manner
    • Stress responses associated with trauma and how this impacts your work
    • Practical activities to help:
      • Work with domestic violence and ensure safety
      • Work with trauma
      • Increase emotional regulation within clients
      • Increase attachment strength between mothers and children / adolescents

School / Business Workshops and Training:

  • These workshops can range from 2 hours to a 1 day workshop
  • Content for these workshops include:
    • How to develop domestic violence policies for your staff
    • How to work with traumatised children / young people in your school
    • How to respond to disclosures of domestic violence at your business or school
    • How to teach students about respectful relationships, the impact of violence on others and respect towards women (respectful beliefs)
    • Self Care

Specific Workshops:

  • Workshops and training can also focus on a specific area. These workshops can range from a few hours to 1 – 2 days depending on your needs.
  • These workshops can focus on one specific area, such as: domestic violence, trauma, attachment and adolescent – to – mother violence.
  • These are far more in depth than the general workshops and can focus on one area of interest.

Group Facilitation 1 – 2 day Workshop:

  • Once your staff completes a 1 – 2 day general workshop, they are eligible for a 1 – 2 day workshop on group facilitation.
  • This workshop is ideal for those who have completed the general workshop and want to facilitate a group program on domestic violence, adolescent – to – parent violence, trauma and / or attachment.
  • This workshops will include a packet of facilitator information and activities facilitators can use in group.

Adolescent – to – Mother Violence and Domestic Violence Program Training:

  • Training workshops for group programs in adolescent – to – mother violence and domestic violence are currently being developed.
  • After completing the general workshop, staff can attend a 4 – 5 day training on a specific Courage program to facilitate at your organisation.
  • This training will include a facilitator manual and session plans / handouts for participants.
  • This training will become live in 2019

All Workshops Include:

  • Handouts for staff
  • Activities to run with clients
  • The Powerpoint presentation
  • A list of resources / references
  • Some more in depth workshops include a workbook of activities, information and illustrations


  • Fees can be negotiated with the agency / organisation based on need.
  • Hourly workshops are $150 – $200 per hour. The fee includes preparation time, travel and materials.
  • One day and multi-day workshops are $1,500 – $2,000 per day depending on the workshop.
  • Out of state / international workshops will require charges for accomodation and travel.
  • All fees may be negotiated depending on need.
  • You will receive a quote for the workshop and an invoice before the workshop is conducted.
  • Workshop venues will be provided by the organisation / business unless negotiated otherwise.
  • Multiple workshops for the same agency, organisation and / or business will be provided at a reduced rate, which will be negotiated prior to the workshop. 

Please use the contact form on this website for more information.